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Job Description:

  1. Knowledge of the lifecycle of a VFX show
  2. Ability to handle a fast paced, high pressure environment
  3. Willingness to work very flexible hours when schedules require
  4. Experience working in Windows/Linux environment
  5. Experience with Thinkbox Deadline and Cloud Render Farms
  6. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in dealing with both technical and artistic groups
  7. Experience with wrangling render jobs with priorities in the queue system
  8. Understanding of meeting the project goals while monitoring the render farm’s health and status on a regular basis
  9. Experience with maximizing the render farm’s resources
  10. Monitoring experience for rendering quality and quantity and make the required corrections when needed
  11. Experience with troubleshooting and monitoring infrastructure and render farm issues. Escalate problems to the respective teams
  12. Analytical and data reporting skills
  13. Render tasks estimation experience
  • Work Experience

    3 + years

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